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Thanks for stopping by. A quick piece about me, product management, and my site.

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Whether on Product School, Products That Count, or ProductCraft -- you'll find my articles, videos, and podcast content across the web. Here's some of my favorites

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How To Become A Product Manager

Breaking into product management isn't easy, but it's more than possible with the right attitude and some hard work.

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Open-Source Slack AI – How & Why I Built v1.0 in 3 Days

How I made a Slack App MVP to summarize threads and provide channel overviews using open-source tools and OpenAI.

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Encouraging Teams to Talk to Customers: 5 Key Strategies for Effective Customer Knowledge Building

If you've ever worried your team doesn't spend enough time talking to customers, you're probably right! Here are five things you can do about it.

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Steelman Arguments in Startups: A Guide for Product Leaders

Why making your point - by making someone else's - is a surefire shortcut to better decision-making & collaboration

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7 Ways to Better Understand Buyers & Customers in B2B Product Management

Knowing both your customers and your buyers is critical to finding problems worth solving and developing solutions worth building.

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7 Rapid-Fire Tips to Get Promoted from Product Manager to Product Leader

Feeling stuck as an individual contributor? Try these non-obvious strategies for experienced product managers who feel more than ready for a people management role.

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Powerful Hack For Getting Buy-In From Stakeholders [video]

If you're tired of getting red lights from stakeholders, this hack might be just what you need to win them over!

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Red Door Tests – How I Measure Feature Engagement Before Building Anything [video]

Use this simple tool to gather quantitative data about your feature before you even go to all the trouble of building it.

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How to Make Prioritization Simple & Intuitive Using The Theory of Constraints [video]

Prioritization is hard! And there is nothing worse than doing a ton of work but not moving the needle.

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How to Balance Product Discovery and Product Delivery

When you're busy, good product discovery is the first thing to fall by the wayside. Here's how to balance your time without dropping the ball.

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Time Blocking: Supercharge your productivity right in your calendar

Take control of your time and actively manage your productivity by using your calendar just a little differently.

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Time Audits: If you can never find time for the “important” work, read this!

Wondering where your week goes? Feel stuck doing things that aren't the right use of your time and skills? Time for a time audit!

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How to Find More Hours in Your Week Without Working Harder – The CARD Framework

The 4 easiest ways to clear your calendar and to-do list to make room for more valuable work!

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Composable Features

A definition and playbook for thoughtfully designed features that are delightfully and elegantly simple to expand over time

in Product Management  •  10 min read

The Product Development Lifecycle

The 4 Phases of Delivering Products & Features Your Customers Will Love

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Why I don’t write User Stories… and write Job Stories instead

"When I <situation>, I want to <something> so I can <whatever>."

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Simple Productivity Rituals

Three simple productivity hacks I’ve been using for years 
and how to adopt them for yourself tomorrow

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Velocity You Can Feel

Velocity should be qualitative, not quantitative, in early and growth-stage startups

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The Process of Writing Processes

Know your audience and write a well-structured 
document they can follow without additional context

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Diamond Processing for Product Managers

Make your products shine by cutting the excess and taking the time to polish the user experience

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The Two Trains Metaphor and Instant Tech Debt

The most important part of making a “new” way of doing things is deprecating the “old” way

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Discarding Features is Important Product Work

If there’s part of the product that never gets used or doesn’t deliver value, it’s time to consider removing it

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Design Principles

A simple but powerful tool to keep your product experience consistent and guide your decision-making

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The two key types of product risk and how to manage them

There are things we don’t know and things we can’t know, de-risk the former and test the latter.

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Are you taking statistical significance too seriously?

In product, business significance is more important than statistical significance so make sure you’re not over-emphasizing stat sig.

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Beware Overfitting Your Product Solutions

Using and acting on all data isn’t always ideal, don’t fall into the trap of trying to be everything to everyone.

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Tools I Recommend for Startups & Product Managers 2021

People ask me to recommend tools all the time, so I made this page as a reference point for my most recommended software and tools for startups and product managers.

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10 Non-Obvious Tips For Startup Product Leaders

After 10 years working in product management, these are my top 10 non-obvious tips for succeeding in a product leadership role.

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How – and why – I totally reinvented our company’s project reporting method

Spoiler: I also just finished reading Shape Up. Here’s how to apply it with Google Slides or PowerPoint

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If your MVP feels like hard work, you’re probably doing it wrong

I propose we focus less on building MVPs and more on building MVEs – Minimum Viable Experiment.

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Marketing Attribution Methods 101

Even with all the data in the world, you need to be smart with how you use it if you want to get an accurate picture.

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Please Tell Me You Have A Backup…

The cloud is a *terrible* backup strategy! Let's cover why and what you should be doing instead.

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Secrets to Scaling A People-Intensive Business with Will Davies from Car Next Door

Will attributes his success with Car Next Door to three pillars - Building The Team, Getting Stuff Done, and World-Class Systems.

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Insider Secrets for High Impact Growth with Sean Ellis

Lessons on how to crush it at Growth with the man who coined the term 'growth hacking' in 2010 and popularized the term product/market fit.

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The Single Best Book I’ve Read In The Last 2 Years [seriously]

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TechCrunch Article Proves Even Experts Don’t Understand Campaign Tracking!

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The IRS Email Sequence

This email sequence is one of the fastest and easiest campaigns to create - in this post you'll be walked through the exact formula step-by-step.

in Digital Marketing, eCommerce, email marketing  •  6 min read

That awkard moment when your costs double…

A snapshot of the real-life challenges of launching an eCommerce business.

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The $2.4M Decision-Making Framework from Jayride’s Rod Bishop

A Carefully Structured Formula for Speed, Cohesion, and Minimised Key-Person Risk

in Product Management, eCommerce, Learn From A Burner  •  4 min read

Case Study: Designing a simple UI/UX for a complex process – Login with 2-factor auth

I came across this article today and couldn't help but share it with you.

in Product Management, User Experience  •  4 min read

7 Ways To Growth Hack eCommerce in 2015

My top predictions and tactics for rapidly accelerating the growth of your eCommerce business in 2015.

in Digital Marketing, eCommerce  •  7 min read

Parallax Paralysis

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the software of the web isn’t ready for the influx of parallax backgrounds that are flooding the web. What I’m referring to here is the scrolling backgrounds all over the web that move at different speeds to the ‘foreground’…

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4 Reasons You’re Crazy If You Don’t Own A Kindle (If You’re An Entrepreneur)

1. It saves you time I hated having to wait two weeks for a book to arrive from Amazon. By the time it got to my door, I’d lost the excitement. With my Kindle I can buy a book and have it ready to read in 2 minutes! 2. It…

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Does Money Stifle Creativity?

According to Fast Company magazine and a study by MIT, paying people to be creative or productive is often counter productive. The MIT study offered three levels of monetary incentive correlating to the level of success. When the system was tested against menial, mechanical tasks the incentives worked exceptionally well.

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Is your startup idea a jumping pony?

Have you ever seen a business pitch that was brilliant? Have you ever seen a business pitch that was incredibly interesting, creative and clever yet lacked something and left you wondering “… but why?” All to often early stage entrepreneurs (I’ve definitely been guilty of this) make a crucial mistake.

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So you’re thinking about raising capital?

As a seed stage business, it is often tempting to raise money to give you business a kick start. More money means more options, right? What experts such as Mark Suster believe, as well as myself, is that there is a fine line between enough capital and too much capital.

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Business relationships can end in divorce too.

Throughout the resources available to entrepreneurs, there is an underlying belief. Starting a business with co-founders improves your chances of success. This claim is almost invariably backed up by a statistic around the large percentage of fortune 100 companies being started by 4 or more persons. I’m not here to…

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Personal Branding; how to brand, market and sell yourself as an entrepreneur

Step #1 – Define yourself, in a 30 second soundbite, this needs to be so simple you can say it at gunpoint if you're woken at 3 AM.

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