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Time Blocking: Supercharge your productivity right in your calendar

Take control of your time and actively manage your productivity by using your calendar just a little differently.

in Productivity  •  6 min read

Time Audit: If you can never find time for the “important” work, read this!

Wondering where your week goes? Feel stuck doing things that aren't the right use of your time and skills? Time for a time audit!

in Productivity, Product Management  •  8 min read

The CARD Framework

The 4 easiest ways to clear your calendar and to-do list to make room for more valuable work!

in Product Snacks, Productivity, Product Management  •  4 min read

Simple Productivity Rituals

Three simple productivity hacks I’ve been using for years 
and how to adopt them for yourself tomorrow

in Product Snacks, Productivity, Product Management  •  4 min read

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