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Tools I Recommend for Startups & Product Managers 2021

People ask me to recommend tools all the time, so I made this page as a reference point for my most recommended software and tools for startups and product managers.

in Product Management, Tools I Recommend, Digital Marketing  •  8 min read

Start Here

Thanks for stopping by. Here's a quick piece about me, product management, and this site.

in Product Management  •  4 min read

10 Non-Obvious Tips For Product Leaders

After 10 years working in product management, these are my top 10 non-obvious tips for succeeding in a product leadership role.

in Product Management  •  43 min read

How – and why – I totally reinvented our company’s project reporting method

Spoiler: I also just finished reading Shape Up. Here’s how to apply it with Google Slides or PowerPoint

in Product Management  •  10 min read

If your MVP feels like hard work, you’re probably doing it wrong

I propose we focus less on building MVPs and more on building MVEs – Minimum Viable Experiment.

in Product Management  •  6 min read

Secrets to Scaling A People-Intensive Business with Will Davies from Car Next Door

Will attributes his success to three pillars - Building The Team, Getting Stuff Done, and World-Class Systems.

in Product Management, Growth Hacking, Entrepreneurship  •  6 min read

Insider Secrets for High Impact Growth with Sean Ellis

Lessons on how to crush it at Growth with the man who coined the term 'growth hacking' in 2010 and popularized the term product/market fit.

in Product Management, Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Growth Hacking, Internet Marketing, Entrepreneurship  •  12 min read

The $2.4M Decision-Making Framework from Jayride’s Rod Bishop

A Carefully Structured Formula for Speed, Cohesion, and Minimised Key-Person Risk

in Product Management, eCommerce, Learn From A Burner  •  4 min read

Case Study: Designing a simple UI/UX for a complex process – Login with 2-factor auth

I came across this article today and couldn't help but share it with you.

in Product Management, User Experience  •  4 min read

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