The Single Best Book I’ve Read In The Last 2 Years [seriously]

My friend Nikki asked me to recommend an internet marketing book yesterday – she’s getting on a plane to Canada today so wanted something interesting to keep her busy.

Only one book came to mind and it’s without a doubt the best book I’ve read in the last 2 years (of about 30).

In my opinion, it’s more practical than most of the $2000+ courses I’ve done over the years.

I actually ended up with it because my mate Brett bought it for me as a birthday present. Seriously, such a good gift!

I’m normally more of a Kindle guy… but it was actually a blessing I got the physical copy.

My copy is covered in notes and highlights.

The guy who wrote it (Russell Brunson) is super focused on building his brand, so he’s actually giving the book away for free (just pay $7.95 int’l shipping). (aside: I should really write an article about this strategy, it’s genius)

Figured I’d share the love with all of you so you can get a copy :)

BTW, don’t judge the book by it’s terrible title!

Go grab a free copy of the book while he’s still offering the deal.