Tools I Recommend for Startups & Product Managers 2021

Tools I Recommend for Startups & Product Managers 2021

People ask me to recommend tools all the time, so I made this page as a reference point for my most recommended software and tools for startups and product managers.

People ask me all the time what I recommend as great tools for startups, and there are some things I get asked about all the time (like email marketing tools).

So I’m publishing this page as a go-to place to see all the stuff I think is awesome and worth checking out if it matches your needs.

Keep in mind, I don’t know your business so can’t promise it’s the right tool for you but I can promise it’s worth looking at and deciding for yourself.

If there’s something I haven’t mentioned, send me an email or tweet and let me know.

Email Marketing

My Stuff

Learn To Code

As a self-taught engineer and technical product manager, I’ve taken a load of coding courses and from all those, I can’t recommend Wes Bos’ courses highly enough!

If you’re looking for something free and just want to get started learning Javascript, you can’t beat his Javascript30 course. Another free course which helps you get comfortable using the command line which is a huge productivity booster is the Command Line Power User Course.

If you’re looking to get serious about Javascript and be able to build your own stuff I’d highly recommend all his premium courses, especially:

Conversion Optimization & Experimentation


WordPress stuff


Desktop tools / Mac apps