My content elsewhere online

My content elsewhere online

Whether on Product School, Products That Count, or ProductCraft -- you'll find my articles, videos, and podcast content across the web. Here's some of my favorites

  1. How to Justify Software Costs Without Speculating About the Value-Add – Product School
  2. Episode 123: Bryce York on Growth Stage Product Management – ProductTalk [Podcast]
  3. A Guide to Managing Your Product Portfolio – Products That Count
  4. Build vs. Buy – A Product Manager’s Guide to Not Building Things – Products That Count
  5. Paper Cut Problems: The Subtle Menace Undermining Your Product and Retention – Products That Count
  6. Non-Obvious Tips for Product Leaders in 2020 – ProductCraft
  7. Beyond The Basics – Product Management Video Course (free) – Udemy
  8. How to Kick Ass @ Email Marketing – Skillshare

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