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Thanks for stopping by. Here's a quick piece about me, product management, and this site.

Hello 👋

I’m Bryce and thanks for dropping by. (you can read my bio if you’re into that)

It’s great to have you here. I wanted to put together this page to help you get to know me and what I’ve got to share here.

Originally from Australia, I’m now living in New York City and doing my thing at Tatari.

I’ve been working in product for over 10 years and this site is one of the places where I share what I’ve learned. You can also follow me on Twitter @meetbryce.

I also share new product-related content, resources, and articles with my private email list. On average I send an email around once a month. If you’re interested in product management and would like an email when I’ve got something important to share – get access here.

My top product-related courses

Non-Obvious Product Leadership Tips Email Course (free)
Get these 10 hand-selected tips in bite-sized chunks delivered straight to your inbox over the next 10 days… Plus I’ll send you a PDF & ePub version instantly so you’re not torn between diving in and knowing what number 10 is.
The $300,000 Crash Course in Outsourced Software Development ($27)
I spent over $300,000 outsourcing software development – here’s what I learned…

Popular articles I’ve written

If your MVP feels like hard work, you’re probably doing it wrong
I propose we focus less on building MVPs and more on building MVEs – Minimum Viable Experiment.
Tools I use & recommend
People ask me to recommend tools all the time, so I made this page as a reference point for my most recommended software and tools for startups and product managers.

Articles I recommend (from others)

Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule
An excellent explanation of the very different ways of work between managers and makers. As a product manager, you need a balance of both. Reading this was definitely an “aha moment” for me.

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