Product Resources

Top product-related courses

Beyond The Basics – Product Management Video Course ($47 free)
Sharing the most useful frameworks & advice I’ve developed over 10+ years as a high-growth product manager. 11 lessons + 60 minutes of video content.
Non-Obvious Product Leadership Tips Email Course (free)
Get these 10 hand-selected tips in bite-sized chunks delivered straight to your inbox over the next 10 days… Plus I’ll send you a PDF & ePub version instantly so you’re not torn between diving in and knowing what number 10 is.
The $300,000 Crash Course in Outsourced Software Development ($27 free)
I spent over $300,000 outsourcing software development – here’s what I learned…
Video – Note Taking & Task Management System (free)
A 10-minute step-by-step video guide to my battle-tested but unconventional approach to note & task management (no software required).

Product-related templates

Asynchronous project status reporting (without Jira) (free)
A project status reporting framework inspired by ShapeUp that I developed and implemented at Finder. Includes a free template to do it yourself.

Other courses

How to Kick Ass @ Email Marketing ($197 free via SkillShare)
Learn the shortcuts to kick-ass email marketing including a deep dive into 3 essential list building strategies and 8 campaigns you can blatantly steal today. The course covers building a list, planning campaigns, the right tools for the job, and how to measure your results without the headaches or frustration.
UTM Tracking Email Course (free)
The 100% plain-English guide to how to use UTM tracking links to finally understand exactly where your conversions are coming from. You’ll learn exactly how to track the success (or otherwise) of your marketing campaigns.